Friendship Gardens is on sabbatical.

The project was to grow food for the meals-on-wheels program and at the same time to grow the community of urban gardeners. It got started on a piece of dirt behind a warehouse in South End.

Over time, and with some critical foundation support, it grew to include dozens of gardens all over Mecklenburg. The volunteers who were the lifeblood of the project hauled thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables into Friendship Trays every growing season for use in meals. Other area groups also received parts of the harvest.

A few gardens will continue to bring harvests to Friendship Trays but, sadly, the overall project must now lie fallow for a bit. Perhaps it will be revived in another season of this community’s history. Our thanks to all who understood the vision, pitched in to till the soil, and engaged other members of this community in a worthy project.

To learn more about Friendship Trays, the community’s primary meals-on-wheels program, go to And happy gardening!