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Look who’s talking about Friendship Gardens!

Mobile market brings healthy foods to Kannapolis, Concord | Charlotte Observer | 6.14.15

Garinger High School students show Wilson how they help those in need | WCCB | 7.20.15

Long dreamed, an urban farm sprouts at Garinger High | Plan Charlotte | 4.28.14

Where there once were weeds, there is now a farm field, planted in potatoes, broccoli and greens. Where there once was a defunct greenhouse, there are now floating trays bursting with lettuce, fed by water circulating through a tank of tilapia. Read more

An Urban Farm to Cultivate More than Crops | Plan Charlotte | 8.26.13

In a weedy, unused corner of land behind Garinger High School in east Charlotte, a dream is taking shape. Read more

Healthy Children, Healthy Families | The Charlotte Government Channel | 10.19.12

Healthy Children, Healthy Families | Charlotte in 2012 Channel | 8.31.12

Charlotte in 2012: A Legacy of Possibility | Charlotte in 2012 Channel | 8.3.12

500-Gardens Kick-Off Events | Mecklenburg Smart Start Channel | 7.31.12

Community Health Clinic: Leaving a Legacy of Health | Charlotte in 2012 Channel | 6.12.12

Local Gardening, Healthy Communities | Charlotte in 2012 Channel | 5.16.12

Innovation? Look beyond usual places| The Charlotte Observer | 3.10.12
Buzzing beneath the surface of Charlotte’s traditional, button-down culture is an army of innovators who see the world just a little bit differently. They’re all about action, not talk.

Seed20: Spotlighting the Region’s Social Entrepreneurs | Charlotte in 2012 Channel | 3.23.12

Seed20: An Initiative of Social Venture Partners | Social Venture Partners Channel | 6.5.12

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