FG Mobile Market

We believe everyone should have access to fresh, healthy food. All of our programs stem from that belief and help us live out our mission. Below is a brief summary of each program, for more information please refer to each program under the “programs” tab or hit the link on the program title.

Garden Network

Our network is core to our mission and what we do. Each garden is independently run by a Garden Leader that is supported by Friendship Gardens. Each garden donates a portion of their produce to Friendship Trays to deliver healthy food to over 1300 recipients of meals.

Friendship Gardens Urban Farm

Our urban farm, the hub of our operation, located on 3 acres at Garinger High School in East Charlotte, allows us to dramatically expand our teaching and growing capabilities. The Urban Farm Learning Center is focused on producing fresh, healthy food; teaching people to feed themselves in a sustainable way; and workforce development through targeted internships and transitional employment.

Friendship Gardens TO GO – Mobile Market

A recent study identified areas in Charlotte known as “Food Deserts” which are regions of the city that lacks access to fresh produce. Currently over 72,000 individuals reside in food deserts in the City of Charlotte. The Mobile Market was launched to break down barriers to access to fresh vegetables for those residing in food deserts.

Backyard Friendship Gardens

Friendship Gardens is reaching out to backyard gardeners for help. Join a network of backyard gardeners who donate produce from their backyard gardens to Friendship Trays, our local meals on wheels program. With our combined harvests, we can ensure that Friendship Trays recipients are served the very best fresh, healthy, delicious, food –  grown with love in our own backyards. Hit the link for more info and to sign up! Lets get growing!