Backyard Friendship Gardens

Backyard Friendship Gardens are a community of backyard gardeners growing food for Friendship Trays, Charlotte’s “meals on wheels” program.

  • Do you garden in your backyard?
  • Would you enjoy sharing what comes from your garden?
  • How about belonging to a network of fellow local gardeners?
  • Are you willing to plant a little more to help feed hungry neighbors in your community?

Join a network of backyard gardeners who donate produce from their backyard gardens to Friendship Trays, our local meals on wheels program.

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The Need

Friendship Trays delivers 750 meals every weekday to elderly, disabled, and/or convalescing people who are unable to prepare or secure meals on their own. Friendship Trays and their hundreds of volunteers do not simply fill their recipients bellies, they are dedicated to providing nutritious balanced meals to each recipient, many of whom have specific health challenges.

To help meet the increasing need for fresh, healthy food, Friendship Trays and Slow food Charlotte created Friendship Gardens, a growing network of gardens located at schools, churches, communities and other nonprofit agencies. Each Friendship Garden donates a portion of their harvest back to Friendship Trays. Even with our Friendship Garden network, we fall short of growing all of Friendship Trays’ year round food needs. 750 meals every weekday is a lot of food!

We are reaching out to backyard gardeners for help. As a backyard friendship gardener, you can help feed hungry people in your community by donating a portion of your harvest to Friendship Trays.

How it Works

Sign up through our website. Read our “most wanted” veggie list. We are happy to give you any seeds that you need (visit our free seed rack at Friendship Trays). You can donate your surplus veggies or designate a section of your garden for Friendship Trays. When it comes time to harvest be sure to read and follow our “Safe food handling guidelines” to ensure that all donated harvest is suitable to eat. Finally, please deliver your harvest donation to Friendship Trays, delivery instructions here. We will track your donations by weight so that we can thank you and celebrate our successes together. In partnership with our friends at The Atherton Mill Farmers Market we can now accept garden donations on saturdays. Click here for instructions and drop location


No harvest donation is too small! Even if it is just two zucchini, we want it and will make sure it is used to feed people that need it. If 50 people donate two zucchini each, suddenly we have enough fresh nutritious zucchini for a meal.


With our vegetable growing powers combined we can ensure that Friendship Trays recipients are served the very best food that there is: fresh, healthy, delicious, food grown with love in our own backyards.

Sign up now as a Backyard Friendship Gardener and please share this page with a gardening friend.

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