Harvest Delivery



Thanks for donating your fresh garden harvest to Friendship Trays! The nutritious food you grow and deliver will be incorporated into balanced meals that feed needy Friendship Trays recipients. See below for directions on exactly when, where, and how to donate produce.


Please deliver harvest donations to Friendship Trays (2401-A Distribution St. Charlotte, NC 28203). See map. Drive around to the back of the building to find the parking lot and door under the blue “Friendship Trays Inc” sign. The harvest weigh in station is directly to your right as you enter the building. You will see the scale and computer.

Friendship Trays

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Harvest can be delivered to Friendship Trays anytime Monday-Thursday 8:00am-3:00pm. We are often open and available after 3pm, but please call first to make sure we are there (704) 333-9229. On Fridays, harvest can be delivered 8:00am – Noon.


Before you deliver please read and follow the Safe Food Handling Guidelines.

One of the ways we measure our impact is by weighing all the produce that comes in to Friendship
Trays. In order to track the harvest most efficiently, we are using a computerized system.

  1. The weigh-in station is located just inside the main entrance to Friendship Trays. Do not use paper and pen unless there is a problem with the computer.
  2. There is a shortcut to the harvest form in the middle of the desktop on the computer screen. If it does not open properly, the internet signal may not be working. You can either: a) turn the computer off and back on to allow the computer to reset [if that doesn’t work, let a staff person know]; b) use your smartphone; or c) use pen and paper.
  3. Enter the data and click “enter” for EACH TYPE of produce. The data is time-stamped in the database, so you will only need to enter: name of garden, type of produce, and weight. Each type of produce will be a separate entry.
    Note: Directions are posted on the wall above the laptop.
  4. SHORTCUT: Use the list posted to identify the type of produce and as you start typing, the category should pop up. Same for your garden name.
  5. When you are done, make sure you click “enter” for the final produce, then leave the produce in the cooler to the left or (use your best judgement) take it back to the kitchen staff to put in the walk-in cooler.

Saturday Harvest Drop off Instructions

Saturday Donations Accepted at Atherton Market

The Atherton Market hosts a Donation Station for their Farmer Foodshare program on Saturday mornings from 9 am until 1:30 pm. They will accept Backyard Friendship Garden donations for Friendship Gardens from 9 am until 1:30 pm. Please make sure that the items are in a clean box or bag, and are clearly marked as donations for Friendship Gardens. A paper log form will be available to itemize your garden goods, and a Donation Station volunteer will be on hand to help weigh and check them in.

Our Safe Food Handling Guidelines also apply to donations delivered to the Atherton Market.

The Atherton Market is located at 2104 South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28203, right around the corner from Friendship Trays.