Gardening 101

IMG_5584Welcome to our Introduction To Gardening section! Many of the people who come to us are first time gardeners, those who have never picked up a spade before, so we have this special section just for those who need some help getting started.

While we have a large array of information on this website, experience has shown us that the number one way to learn to garden, is to actually get out there and do it. We have a few ways that you can take what you read here to the next level. First off, check out our workshops, we have many classes geared to newer gardeners. Second is to volunteer, with a large network of gardens, we have a large number of volunteer days at locations throughout the city, all our Garden Leaders and staff are very accustom to showing people how to garden on these days. Finally if you are with a group of individuals who wish to learn more, we are sometimes able to hold special classes for your group, please contacts us for more details.

An Overview

Gardening is a Vast Topic

The information we have compiled should be used to get you started, but should not be considered comprehensive. There are many approaches and techniques that can lead to successful gardening. The techniques you will learn from Friendship Gardens are based on our success in past years, but we are always expanding our education and encourage you to do the same.


Backyard vs. Production Gardens

The planting techniques for a production garden, like the ones in our network growing food for Friendship Trays, are different than the planting techniques for a backyard garden. Production gardens are designed for whole crops to be harvested at once. If your whole backyard garden matured at the same time it would leave you with way too much produce one week and none the rest of the time. Instead, plant your backyard garden the way you eat; a little at a time. Put a couple of plants or seeds in the ground each week and you will not only spread out your garden work but you will spread out your ability to eat well and often.